2017 Day 224 – More on Dealing with Discouragement

This is my fourth installment on dealing with discouragement from Ezra and Nehemiah. See the others here, here, here, and here.

Sanballat and company once again “jeer” at the Jews (Nehemiah 4:1), to discourage them from building the wall.

What does Nehemiah do to encourge the people?

He prays – the same antidote to discouragement from yesterday’s blog.

This time he asks God to turn their enemies’ taunt on themselves. The prayer must have encouraged the builders, because immediately after Nehemiah finishes praying, he says, “So we built the wall.” (Vs. 6)

That angers Sanballat, so he moves from jeering to plotting an attack on the Jews.

Nehemiah’s response?

Prayer, yet again! This time, he prays for protection.

But, he also takes human precautions by asking more of the people to act as guards for the builders. And he encouraged the guards saying, “Do not be afraid of [the enemies]. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your [families.]” (vs. 14b)

Nehemiah encouraged those with swords and spears and bows by reminding them that the great and awesome God Himself would fight for them (vs. 20). They could rely on God.

Having seen this show of arms, Sanballat and company give up the fight.

So, lessons on encouragement from this passage?

Pray, pray, make wise plans the face of something that discourages, and trust God with the outcome!

Dear Lord: Just writing on encouragement encourages me. Thanks. Amen.



Verbal discouragement didn’t wor


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