2017 Day 211 – Death Valley

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me. Psalm 23: 4

My last few blogs reveal that I’m in a kind of death valley, feeling a bit of pain, of a shattered dream with no restoration in sight.

Sometimes it feels like God is doing this to me for my good. I could use a little less good and a bit more heart’s desire, in my opinion! LOL

But this verse tells me that I am not alone. Jesus walks with me. He understands my pain.

He’s not just a father who disciplines his children for their good, BUT he’s a father who when he sees his daughter in pain, he is not unmoved; He may even weep – like at the tomb of Lazarus.

Yesterday my daughter and I were hanging out at dinner and she started to weep about something she heard that hurt her. I wept with her. Jesus is a better parent than I am. So he can’t be unmoved by my pain.

Jesus may have allowed my pain for my good, but He also empathizes with my pain. He’s not dumping on me from a distance, He’s walking with me through the valley. He’s been there before and yet without sin.

Unlike me, he didn’t get angry with his father when life hurt. And he had NO reason to suffer, no sin that deserved it. He and the Father together chose this path of pain – life on this earth and death on the Cross. He gets pain. He gets the valley of the shadow of death: death valley.

He’s there with me. No need to fear. His staff leads me forward out of the valley (yay!) and corrals me back in line when I need it (for sure my attitude needs to be brought back in line). He uses his rod to fend off enemies (various fears) and count me (each sheep was tapped on the head and counted, so I count).  (definitions found in sparkpeople.com)

It just helps to know that He’s walking right with me and He gets my pain.

Dear Lord: Please help me to continue to see and understand how You are right there with me in the pain – how you aren’t just sovereignly bringing it to bear for my good. Amen.


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