2017 Day 172 – Hemmed In

Who doesn’t like Psalm 139? It’s hard to pick a favorite part. But tonight, these two verses touched me:

You hem me in, behind and before,
    and lay your hand upon me. (vs. 5)

…even there [wherever I go] your hand shall lead me,
    and your right hand shall hold me. (vs. 10)

I love the image these verses evoke.

No matter where I go, God is in front, guiding me.  He is behind, keeping me safe. His hand is on my shoulder or in the small of my back, making sure I stay on the path.

And no matter where I go, I can’t flee from His Spirit (vs. 7). I can’t get away from His guiding hand. He will NOT let go of me!

What a sense of safety and peace I feel thinking about these images. What love and tender care I feel from God.

A few years ago I lost the sense of His presence. And when He showed up again – in a big way – I realized that even His silence was borne of this tender care.

He was walking with me even though I didn’t sense His nearness, preparing me for my future – teaching me life lessons I could only learn in the loss of His felt presence, in the darkness.

What comfort! What a comforter, my God.

Dear Lord: Don’t let me ever forget that you are behind and before, Your loving had resting on my shoulder, guiding me forward, holding your child. No matter how I feel, this is truth. You are there. You will not leave me. And you will never take your hand away. Praise You! Amen.




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