2017 Day 165 – The Glory of a Dad

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged,
    and the glory of children is their fathers. Proverbs 17:6

I totally get that the “aged” consider grandchildren a great reward, a crown of sorts. By the way, don’t tell my 50- something grandparent friends that they are “aged!”

But I don’t think I remember the second part of this Proverb – that “the glory of children is their fathers.” What a great verse right before Father’s Day!

I don’t think people – and especially their kids – recognize how absolutely important dads are to children’s well-being.  Dad’s truly are their children’s glory.

I loved my dad. But my dad didn’t always know how to love me. I don’t recall him saying he loved me very much – if ever – when I was little.  And I absolutely never remember him saying anything to his little girl about how wonderful and amazing and pretty I was.

I was smart. That’s what he told me. So smart I became. Intimidatingly smart. Not many dates smart. That kind of smart.

I don’t blame Dad for who I am. He didn’t know any better.

But I developed what I call “male love hunger” because he wasn’t able to shower his little girl with the dad-love she needed. I consequently spent much of my life pining for the love of a man in unhealthy and humiliating ways. When I was single, everyone knew how much I wanted to be married! I can’t believe I ever managed to get married!

My husband – my girls’ dad – knew how to love our girls. He told them he loved them. He showed them he loved them. He listened to them. Hung out with them. Played with them. Made lunches for them. Took them places. Taught them things. Provided a safe place for them.

He prayed for them.

And three years ago, he left them to be with Jesus. But not before he had invested years of love in their little hearts.

And I see the results!

Our teenaged girls are both more confident and more insightful and more mature than I was when I was 20 years older.  I am filled with pride at their exploits and the compliments other adults shower on them.  I think their daddy’s unconditional love had a lot to do with who they have become.

My eldest has dated two guys and I stand in awe how maturely she has handled herself, how she kept wise emotional boundaries. She did NOT need these guys like I needed guys. No – because her heavenly father used her earthly father to fill her little girl heart with confidence and assurance of his love.

Their father was truly my girls’ glory.

And this Father’s Day we will honor his memory and thank God for the years he gave us his love.

Dear Jesus: Thank you for giving my girls a father who was truly their glory. May many, many other young girls receive the same gift. Please show fathers just how important they are to their children. Amen.


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