2017 Day 141 – A Gift to Me

The Lord tears down the house of the proud
    but maintains the widow’s boundaries.  Proverbs 15: 25

I like this verse. It reminds me of a gift I got last fall.

I am a widow.

I have this fence around my backyard. It keeps my small dogs img_2284in, and more importantly, keeps the big dog who lives behind us out. And it deters the coyotes I heard roam the area, too.

But it’s a poorly designed fence. And the bottom structure which holds the posts often rots. So I am always having it worked on.

I thought about tearing it down which will likely be cheaper in the long run. But even if I used an electronic color for my dogs (and one just cowers when I put it on), the big dog is there. The coyotes are there.

And I like the semi-privacy.

So, last fall a big section gave way. My handyman had long since disappeared, no longer answering my texts.

In a panic, I called the church and they sent over their handyman ministry crew to repair my fence – far better than the other guy had, too. The next weekend, a girlfriend came over and helped me paint the new sections.

I felt loved and cared for.

My church, acting as the hands of the Lord, maintained this widow’s boundaries!

Dear Lord: Thank You so much for my church family who helped maintain this widow’s boundaries. I am SO grateful for them! Amen


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