2017 Day 129 – How to Turn Away from God

My reading today is smack dab in the middle of Psalm 106. This part of the Psalm – verses 13 and forward – talks about how Israel turned away from God.

It’s interesting to read the attitudes and actions that contributed to their turn. So, I’ll list them:

  • They soon forgot His works (the parting of the Red Sea, etc.) vs. 13
  • They did not wait for Him, but instead gave into their cravings (vs. 14)
  • He gave them what they asked for! (vs. 15)
  • They were jealous of their leaders (vs. 16)
  • They worshipped another idol – the golden calf (vs. 20)
  • They forgot God, their Savior – and how He did amazing things to save them (vs. 21)
  • They “despised” the Promised Land – were afraid to enter it. They didn’t trust God’s promises (vs. 24)
  • They murmured against God (vs. 25)
  • They did not obey the Lord (vs. 25)
  • They “yoked” themselves to another God: Baal (vs. 28)
  • They ate sacrifices offered to the dead (vs. 28)

I would definitely say that I’ve been guilty of some of these things:

  • Forgetting God’s salvation and amazing works on my behalf
  • Rushing ahead of God to get what I want (my “cravings”). And sometimes I get what I want when it’s not good for me.
  • Not respecting spiritual leaders
  • Putting things above God in my affections (idolatry)
  • Not trusting God’s promises
  • I’ve complained – not in a nasty way, but I have argued with God
  • Disobeyed

Thank God that He has never turned away from me!!

Dear Lord: Help me pay close attention to things I might do to subtly turn away from You. Amen.


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