2017 Day 107 – Incline Your Ear

David asks for a lot of things from God in Psalm 86, to whit:

  • Incline your ear to me. Answer me (for I am poor and needy). vs. 1
  • Preserve my life. Save me. vs. 2
  • Be gracious to me. (I cry to you all day). vs. 3
  • Gladden my soul. vs. 4
  • Give ear to my prayer.  vs. 6
  • Listen to my plea for grace. vs. 6
  • Teach me your way (that I may walk in your truth). vs. 11
  • Give my heart undivided loyalty (“unite my heart”) to fear your name. vs. 11
  • Turn to me and be gracious to me. vs. 16
  • Give strength to me. vs. 16
  • Show me a sign of your favor. vs. 17

What I love is that David is NOT shy to ask for all these things from His God. I think I may just print out this blog and put this list of prayers in my journal – so that I can remember to ask God for these blessings, myself!

I especially like that David seems so close to God. He asks God to “incline” His ear. Seems like God is bending down to hear David.

David asks for grace three times. That’s a great prayer!

David knows without God’s grace he is toast! And he needs God’s salvation, strength and favor. He is weak, but God is strong!

Two of the requests focus on David’s spiritual desires – that God will help David walk in His ways and have an undivided heart that’s in awe of God.

All great prayers!

And how does David know God will hear and grant his requests? Throughout the Psalm, David lists the attributes of God that assure Him of God’s answers. To whit:

  • You are MY God. vs. 2
  • You are good and forgiving. vs. 5
  • You abound in steadfast love to all who call on you. vs. 5
  • You answer me. vs. 7
  • There is none like You (among the gods). vs. 8
  • There are no works like Yours. vs. 8
  • All the nations shall worship You and glorify Your name. vs. 9
  • You are great and do wondrous things. vs. 10
  • You alone are God! vs. 10
  • Great is Your steadfast love toward me. vs. 13
  • You have delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol. vs. 13
  • You are merciful and gracious. vs. 15
  • You are slow to anger. vs. 15
  • You abound in lovingkindness (steadfast love; mercy) and faithfulness. vs. 15
  • You, Lord, have helped me and comforted me. vs. 17

It seems like David knows God will answer His prayers because:

  • God is HIS God, who has already helped and comforted Him
  • God is able to answer – because He is God!
  • God’s character – loving, faithful, gracious, merciful, forgiving – requires Him to answer

Good things to keep in mind as I pray.

Dear Lord: Help me to pray like David. And to trust like David. Amen.





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