2017 Day 45 – Brokenhearted?

Well, this is a first for 2017. Not having to work tomorrow, I was flipping through a magazine when I remembered – THE BLOG!

I have 16 minutes to write until the stroke of midnight and my Surface becomes a pencil…

Well, I liked this verse:

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted
and saves the crushed in spirit.   Psalm 34: 18

I’ve been brokenhearted. I’ve been crushed in spirit.

And what a sense of comfort to read these words:

The Lord is near. The Lord saves.

My study bible points out that the brokenhearted and crushed are that way because they know their own sin, the “pride and stubbornness” in their hearts has been “humbled.” (ESV Study Bible).

I get that Jesus comes near and saves when I am under the pile by my sin. His saving work on the Cross removes the sin and guilt that lead to humble brokenheartedness. So He saves when I am crushed under the weight of guilt.

But there are times when I feel brokenhearted and crushed by what’s happened to me. And how does He save me when I feel this way?

When I am in pain not necessarily of my own doing, I think He saves by coming near and letting me know He gets it. He’s been there. He’s walked through suffering for me, because of me, and now with me.

Jesus understands brokenheartedness and a crushed spirit because He experienced them on the Cross, separated from His Father.

The pain does not necessarily go away immediately, but I am saved from the utter loneliness of bearing it alone, from a hopelessness that nothing good can come of the pain, and from the sense of futility that nothing will ever change.

When Jesus comes near, he saves me by letting me know He’s there, He can turn the pain to good like He did the Cross, and that one day, this too will pass, if even after death, when I see Him face to face.

Dear Lord:  Thank you that you are near, that you save. What comfort. Amen


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