2017 Day 32 – Be Silent

Moses told God that he wasn’t a good speaker (more on that here) when God first called him to help deliver Israel from the Egyptians.

But God helped him speak.

And now that Moses and his followers are crying to God to save them from the approaching Egyptian army, God says:

The LORD will fight for you, and you only have to be silent. Exodus 14:14

Finally, Moses doesn’t have to talk.

He doesn’t have to do anything but lift his staff and let God handle the Egyptians.

That’s such an encouraging word for me.

I’m a talker.

I accomplish a lot of what I do at work by talking and writing – casting vision, creating plans, coaxing coworkers.

A few months ago, however, I saw the enormity of the battle before me in ways I hadn’t seen it before.

I cried out.

And God basically told me to be silent and let Him fight for me.

It’s been a relief to do my best and let Him do the rest. I don’t exactly know how the fight will end, but I know God’s the one who needs to take on the battle, not me.

What a great God! As Moses and the people sang after God defeated Egypt:

Who is like you, majestic in holiness,

Awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders?  Exodus 15:11

Dear Lord: Thank you that I can be silent and let you fight for me. No one is like you, and certainly not me!!! I am grateful that you do the wonders on my behalf. Amen.


One thought on “2017 Day 32 – Be Silent

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