2017 Day 28 – Who Doesn’t Love Psalm 23?

My mother wasn’t a real Bible-reading lady, but I remember as a kid suffering Charlie Horses, she would comfort me by quoting Psalm 23 in the King James version.

Since that time, this Psalm has always had a special place in my heart.

But what is it really mean for me today?

I decided to paraphrase the beautiful things the Lord does for me:

  • He meets my basic needs
  • He makes me rest
  • He takes me through places of peace – like a calm stream
  • He restores my soul just when I really need it – just when I run out of hope
  • He helps me become more mature as a Christian and he does this so that He becomes big in my eyes
  • Even though He doesn’t protect me from tough times, I don’t have to be afraid because He’s with me – and even when I don’t feel like He’s with me, somehow I am comforted
  • His rod of discipline and the staff He guides me with give me comfort through the dark days because I know He has a good purpose in them
  • And then sometimes when Satan and circumstances discourage me, He treats me as a fine guest with an overflowing cup, a full meal, and the equivalent of greeting an honored guest with oil at an ancient feast. I probably don’t even realize how gracious He is to me during tough times, how He carries me, and feeds me, and treats me like a guest…
  • So I know His goodness and his mercy will be with me the rest of my life here – He proved it at the cross and he’s proved it my whole life.
  • And I get to be with him forever, worshipping before the throne.

Amen and amen.


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