2017 Day 20 – Joseph’s 13-Year Curriculum 

I love the story of Joseph. When he was 17, his father favored him above his 11 brothers and gave him that coat of many colors.

A little family dysfunction going on there!

Then Joseph had the dreams that his brothers would one day bow down to him.

A little circumspection and humility would help, Joseph!

And his brothers, in a fit of pique, sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites and told his father he had been killed by a wild animal.

From that point on, Joseph had great success – then a long prison term after a false accusation – and then more success. But those 13 years – and particularly prison – yielded good results.

Joseph’s difficult 13 year curriculum changed him. Those years humbled him. They gave him circumspection.

The 30-year-old Joseph was a whole lot different than the 17-year-old.

After God took him through that 13 year course of much suffering, Joseph’s dreams actually came true.

His brothers bowed down to him (Genesis 42:6),

The favored, spoiled 17 year old Joseph gloated when he revealed the dreams that his brothers would bow before him.

Soon in Genesis, I will read that the 30-year old Joseph received his brothers, served them, wept for them, and forgave them.

I’ll take that curriculum if it reproduces such great results!

Dear Lord: Thank you that the curriculums of difficulty that you put me through have borne some results. I’d actually prefer not to have any more suffering, but if that’s what it takes for me to know you better and become more like you, bring it on. Amen

Read more about Joseph here.


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