2017 Day 12 – Bursting Vats of Wine?

Honor the Lord with your wealth
    and with the firstfruits of all your produce;
then your barns will be filled with plenty,
    and your vats will be bursting with wine. Proverbs 3: 9-10

I pay my daughter’s spring college tuition next week. There goes part of my retirement!!

And as far as I can recall, from the first time I earned a dollar, I endeavored to tithe at least 10% of gross. I’ve always felt like the money I earn is God’s and He tells me to reinvest some of it in His work.

But when I have these huge college payments to make, I have a slight inclination to skimp on the tithe. But I am never truly tempted. I’ve always loved giving God’s money to kingdom work and those in need.

Still, frankly, I worry about having a retirement when the time comes. I worry about spending on other things when I have to spend on school.

Then I read this Proverb. WOW!! I honor the Lord with my “firstfruits,” so my barn will fill and my vats will burst! Yay!

Oops. Somehow, I don’t think it works that way, though many would say it does.

I don’t think God owes me a thing. I can’t negotiate with God (Romans 11: 35). I don’t expect a windfall of income due to my years of tithing. Ever.

If I think if it, however, God has given me plenty – an eternal relationship with Him that I neither earned or deserved.

And somewhere along the way, God gave me the faith to trust Him enough to give away some of His money. Somehow it gives me the chance to trust in His care of my children and my future – even when there’s less money to care for both.

Somehow that act of obedience draws me closer to Him.

And that’s worth more than filled barns and bursting vats.

Dear Lord: Help me to stop worrying about the stupid money, about the tuition, about my retirement. Thank you that even if I don’t get a financial return on my investment in your kingdom, I get more of you. Amen.




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