2017 Day 6 – Languishing

So it’s 11:16 PM and I remembered I needed to blog. I reviewed today’s readings in Genesis, Matthew, Psalm 6, and Proverbs 1 and nothing struck me. Another strike-out day!

But I kept returning to Psalm 6, a penitential Psalm – one that the writer, possibly David, wrote to confess his sins.

I’m not feeling too confessional right now, but some of the words appealed to me.

The writer is languishing.

His soul is greatly troubled.

He is weary with moaning – and tears flood his bed.

Because of some recent changes in the organization for which I work, I now have 12 people reporting to me. The workload, the responsibility, the decisions – short circuit my brain some days.

A new staff person started the other day and I completely forgot she worked for me! 

It was halfway through her first day before I welcomed her to the organization! Good thing we have an HR guy!

So sometimes when the pile gets this high, I just want to languish.

(I did that over Christmas – just did nothing because I had so much I knew that would land on me soon.)

Sometimes I’m greatly troubled with all my responsibilities. 

Sometimes I just want to moan and cry because I’m not sure what to do next!

So if God will be gracious to the sinning psalmist…

If God will deliver his life…

If God will save the Psalmist for the sake of His steadfast love…

If God will hear the confessing sinner’s  plea and accept his prayer…

Then I imagine God will get me through this next month!

Dear Lord, Be gracious. Deliver me. Save me. Hear me. And accept my prayers. Oh, and remind me that it always gets done! Amen


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