A Great Loss

Since I last posted – over a year ago – I have greatly enjoyed my new job. However, the joy has been tempered by the growing ill health of my husband. That journey culminated last week when he suddenly, yet not surprisingly, was escorted home to his Jesus where he now experiences the ultimate holiday. The girls and I would appreciate your prayers as we navigate a new life.


4 thoughts on “A Great Loss

  1. Hi, friends. I forgot I posted this here til now. Thanks for your kind comments. Grieving has scattered my brain a bit. Rick was on dialysis 20 months (since I started at Stonecroft) and his heart just got weaker and weaker. But, what a shine he had on his countenance the night before he died, what sweet fellowship and prayer we had. Neither one of us suspected that he would not make it through the night (though he was in hospital for heart issues). Hope you all are well. I will probably return to blogging later on this year, but as a public figure. So I will have to be sweet… Hey, DM – we are in Kansas now (moved last summer) – closer to you!!

  2. May God be with you as you grieve, celebrate, think creatively, stew, mourn, eat and sleep, and everything. May light perpetual shine upon him.

  3. Wow, What a shock. I can’t begin to imagine, not having experienced anything like that up until now. I am so glad you let us know via your blog. No trite platitudes coming from his reader. Sending you a virtual hug. DM

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