Day 355 – Greed’s in the House and Around the Corner

So my DD comes into my home office 3 times today asking if I’ve read the email she sent me. No, I hadn’t, and, by the way, I’m working; I’ll read it later.

I finally read said email this evening.

It was her Christmas wish list.

I think the list included 3 pair of boots, 2 pair of shoes, instructions for what NOT to buy (anything too childish), apps for her new laptop, a request for money, and something like “anything else you want to surprise me with.”

Her little sister, on the other hand, continually asks me what I want for Christmas. She suggested DH take her to Books-a-Million or Barnes and Noble tomorrow so she can browse around and shop for us (not sure why she picked a bookstore, but, hey).

When asked what she wants for Christmas, it’s typically, “I don’t know.”

What teenage world have I stumbled upon with our eldest? At least we still have one child at home!

So it was not a surprise that I burst out laughing as I read today’s Proverb:

Greed has two daughters
named ‘Give’ and ‘Give.’ Proverbs 30:15a NCV

(Other translations render “greed” as “leech”  – but I just couldn’t suggest that of my DD!)

Prayin’ a LOT for God to grab that child’s teenager’s heart! Oh, and Who’s birthday are we celebrating?!


Today’s Passages: Micah 6:1-5:20, Psalm 145:8-16, Proverbs 30:15a, Revelation 11:1-1-19. See About for what I’m up to with these daily posts. Your daily blogger, Holiday Longing (Reproduce with permission only)


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