Day 22 – Walk on Water, Anyone?

Marcy commented on yesterday’s post that Jesus actually did have the chance to deal with the death of John and to pray alone. But he did it in today’s reading.

After feeding the crowd of 5000+, Jesus sent the disciples on their way across the lake and headed alone to the hills to pray.

For 9 hours or so.

I have a hard time praying consistently for a few minutes, much less 9 hours. Another area where I need Jesus’ help… One commentary suggests that Jesus was not only mourning John’s death, but preparing for his own.

In any case, Jesus joined the disciples somewhere out on the lake, fighting strong winds that slowed their journey across.

He joined them by walking on water. Yep. Doing something that unmistakably proved He is God. And most of the disciples responded appropriately, worshiping Jesus and calling Him the Son of God (14:33).

But impetuous Peter asks Jesus to command him to walk on water. Jesus complies. Peter jumps out of the boat, attempts to walk, and sinks, at which point, Jesus saves him and admonishes his lack of faith.

What stood out to me, however, was the fact that Peter asked Jesus to command him to walk on water in the first place.

While the other disciples worshiped, it seems as if Peter wanted to use God, to partake of the power he’d seen displayed, to try that walking on water trick himself. Did doubt lead him to sink? Or did doubt lead him to ask in the first place?

If Peter really understood who Jesus was, would he have possibly asked Jesus to perform the “walking on water” parlor trick? Would he not instead have fallen on his face in worship?

Perhaps Peter’s request meant he had a lower view of Jesus than the others. He didn’t doubt that Jesus could perform a miracle, he doubted who Jesus was.

Just a thought.

I could be wrong. I’ll check on it tomorrow.

But I imagine that I’m a lot like Peter at times.

Readings: Genesis 43:1-44:34, Psalm 11:1-7, Proverbs 4:10-13, Matthew 14:22-36. See About for what I’m up to with these daily posts.


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