Day 12 – Kindness Criticized

Moving back to the New Testament…

Jesus extends grace to others in Matthew 9:1-17.

He lifts their burdens:

  • He forgives and then heals the paralytic.
  • He fellowships with sinners and “publicans.”
  • He lets his disciples fast from fasting.

And for the most part, he is criticized for these acts of compassion:

  • The Scribes say he’s blasphemous.
  • The Pharisees say he’s unrighteous.
  • The followers of John imply he’s too easy on his disciples.

He’s not criticized for mugging old ladies, abusing children, or kicking dogs.

No, his kindness is questioned. Sigh.

[Application question: Do I do this with my friends? Kids? Husband?]

I had some time on my hands tonight and thought a bit more about this passage.

Here’s one thing I thought: Jesus hung out with the outsiders.

  • So, every time I feel like a loser or no one is calling or I do something stupidly sinful, I need to remember, I’m the kind of person Jesus might have sought to have supper with.
  • More than that, every time I find myself pegging someone as a loser (even at times those closest to me), I need to remember, that’s the person Jesus would have invited to dinner.

That’s enough.

Good night.

Today’s readings: Genesis 23:1-24:67, Psalm 7:1-5, Proverbs 2:7-8, Matthew 9:1-17


6 thoughts on “Day 12 – Kindness Criticized

  1. Whereas I have sometimes felt like someone’s “love the unlovely” project. (And I have sometimes taken such “projects” on, too — not the best way to go about a relationship.)

  2. Well, when I feel left out, like a third party, etc., etc., it helps to remind myself that everyone else probably feels that way, too, whether they look it or not. And to remember that Jesus hung out with the likes of us.

  3. I love that your first application point is not “I need to go find some unlovely person to bestow my guilt-induced kindness upon,” but an invitation to glimpse Jesus’ kindness toward us.

  4. Though I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to comment yet, I’ve been following along and enjoying these daily entries very much!

    I particularly liked (and needed) this one today. You are absolutely right — we are all guilty of heaping contempt onto those around us (both close friends/family, as well as random pop-culture or news figures who seem to make easy targets). We also feel alienated and don’t realize that our “feelings” do not affect the constant and passionate love that Christ has for us, even at our lowest or most sinful times.

    Thanks for doing these. Looking forward to following along and stumbling toward faith with you.

    • Thanks, Chaotic. Your encouragement helps. God showed me a lot this summer about our situation that even with my anonymity I shall not share. Needless, it was a wake-up and a shake-up and I realized that I really wanted to draw closer to Jesus and figured since I’ve found such blessing teaching the Word, that blogging the Word daily would help in that quest. And it has!

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