Jesus Hung Up

Well, I’m back. After a long hiatus. But that will soon end. Why?

I recently read the following blog quote:

There is much research that shows… reading the Bible is the best predictor of spiritual maturity. In other words, if you are in the Bible, you are growing spiritually.

Bible Reading Leads to Spiritual Growth by Ed Stetzer

Pretty convicting, huh?

Well, I started last year with high hopes to complete a “through the Bible in a year” reading program. Using these tools has both blessed me and kept my feet to the daily devotion fire many times over the years.

But then, I got hopelessly behind and gave up, turning to other Bible study fodder.

Then my quiet times slipped away altogether.

For those familiar with my blogging over the last few years, you may recall that I entered a period of doubts. Still wrestle with that off and on.

Though at times it’s been NO FUN,  I have received great benefit from my trips to the “other side” of faith (although it’s odd indeed to feel oneself outside looking in on occasion). I’ve seen things about myself and my life that I needed to see and likely could not without struggles. And my thirst to know what’s really true about God has increased (not what I’ve heard a million times, not what’s been affirmed in community, but what only God says).

There’s that promise from Jeremiah 29: 13.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart

I want to find Him, the real Him.

So I decided to do something. I decided to get the blogosphere involved in helping me stick to a Bible reading plan for 2012.  And I want to seek Jesus.

Here’s what I am going to do.

I am going to do that Bible reading plan. And every single day for the 365 (or whatever) days there are in 2012, I am going to discuss what I learned about Jesus in the passages assigned for the day. It may be just a sentence. Who knows. But I’m a gonna do it. And knowing someone — maybe just ONE person — will be checking up on me here will help.

Jesus Hung Up?

You may wonder why I titled this entry: “Jesus Hung Up?” Bunches of people seem to be reading this Jesus Calling devotional. One friend told me that the oft-repeated them of this little book is that Jesus cares. He’s there. He wants to draw you into His arms. He is waiting for you.

Well, that just isn’t my experience over the last few years. It’s been more like:

  • “Jesus Hung Up” or
  • “Jesus Stopped Calling” or
  • “Sorry, Wrong Number.”

Sometimes I think Jesus goes silent on the other end of the line for our good.

No matter what, I’m gonna be doing a lot of calling over the next year. Every day I’ll be looking for Jesus in the Scriptures. And even though it’s felt like “Jesus Hung Up,” I’m going to take Jeremiah at his word and seek.

And I hope to find.

Even if I don’t feel.

See you here soon!!


6 thoughts on “Jesus Hung Up

  1. Hi. Just passed by your blog. Jesus is still there for you even if you don’t feel it. That’s the spirit! Hope you do keep it up, but if you don’t, not to worry because Jesus will still remain faithful. =)

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