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Well, it’s been – what, 6 months? – since I last blogged here.  

Right after the last post Why Am I Contentious? (Why Am I a Nag?) , my mother-in-law passed.  Not unexpected, but it still takes its toll on all concerned, and a bit of time.  

Then I had some great weekends away with girlfriends where we did some SoulTalking (something we learned from Larry Crabb: see Get This Stuff above).  

Then Christmas, New Years, and continuing to look for the elusive job.  

Which continues to elude.  

Lily and Hope in the Den (screen shot by me!)

Oh, yeah. I spent about 3 months watching a black bear (Lily) give birth and start to raise to her first cub (Hope) via a camera in the den where Lily hibernated. The den cam streamed live 24×7 at 99k of us became fans of Lily on Facebook, too (Lily). 

I know: get a life.

Well, Lily and Hope left the den, so I may as well get back to blogging. I find I blog best when in the mood, and I feel in the mood again. t-shirt

 Therefore, in a couple of days, I’ll write  Controlling? Not Me!  

…the post about how all we women – even the quiet ones – really do try and take control!  



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