Back from Holiday

Yeah.  Well, I took some time off.  Had a bit of a blogging holiday.

Haven’t been posting or reading (sorry, friends).

I thought to myself, “Why not? Why have I eschewed this most noble activity?”

I’ll tell you why.broken rails

Life didn’t suck this summer. I actually had fun.

I realize in retrospect that most of my blog posts starting in late 2008 were the direct result of life going off the rails.

And wondering what God was going to do about it or to me.

steamMy husband had heard it all, but I still needed an outlet. So here it was: my anonymous blog where I could blow off all I wanted.

But this summer was great. I didn’t work (at a job), but, instead, devoted myself to redoing our kitchen, bathroom, carpeting and other odd jobs which arose, in part, because of a toilet overflow last spring.

[An aside: amazing what damage water can do. I now have nightmares of toilets filled to the brim. They’ve replaced the “I’m on the way to an exam and never attended the course” stress dreams. See How Bad Can it Get?? Apparently Worse… for the sad story and Our Kitchen Saga for the result]recession

And I spent the summer living off of the home equity loan we used to do to the house what the insurance company didn’t — and TOTALLY DENIED THE FACT THAT THERE WAS A RECESSION GOING ON!

So, I had a great time.

No need to blog.

‘Til now.

blogging againNow I am looking for a job

And guess what??

I have something to blog about again.


… to be continued …


4 thoughts on “Back from Holiday

  1. When my husband lost his hi tech job back in August of 2001, we had no idea what we were in for. You mention living on the equity in your house. We did that for about 4 years. Yahweh provided through that house as hubs tried place after place…sending out unbelievable numbers of resumes. All throughout, it was the Lord that got us through.

  2. It is awesome to be able to just enjoy life for a change. I am glad that you had a nice summer…even if it was filled with a lot of hard work on your kitchen.

  3. It’s amazing when we go through those tough times in our lives what we learn about ourselves. My wife finished her job back in May. We could on last a couple of months before we went into savings. Well it is the middle of Oct and we are still not into savings. We have just had to trust God. It wasn’t out of want but out of necesity. The amazing thing is that God has provided. I am losing my job at the end of the year because of a step out in faith we are doing. Looks like we’re going to have to trust God more.

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