Our Kitchen Saga

Back in February I discussed how a single overflowing toilet did amazing damage to our home (How Bad Can it Get?? Apparently Worse… ).  Here’s a pictorial history of the Kitchen Saga (and one reason I’ve not been blogging very much lately!):

Feb 17 3 copyFeb 17 1 copy

Mar 12 copyApril 24 copy

May 14 copy

May 26 copy


May 26 2 copy


 June 1 copy





June 2 copy

June 7 Copy







June 19 copy

So, our kitchen is done (less light rail, still to be installed). We added some neat features that make life easier, like racks to put trays upright and a neat spice rack from Lowe’s. My favorites are extending the countertop so the kids can eat at the island (and keeping our Jennair gas cooktop by just replacing some parts) AND  that we replaced a lousy dark closet with a pantry where the shelves each pull out. Now I know what we have to eat! My husband also came up with the cool idea of putting lights up on top of the cabinets which shine out over the molding. We are VERY happy with the new kitchen.

Now, if one of us can just get a job to pay for all of this. Sigh…!

kitchen 4

kitchen 3kitchen 2


6 thoughts on “Our Kitchen Saga

  1. Who knew your husband was so handy. Send him a happy birthday from Sam. I hope you’re doing well. The kitchen looks great.

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