God Loves You…

Yesterday, a friend emailed me the following “failed gospel tract:”


Ain’t it the truth?!

It all depends on how you define “wonderful plan,” doesn’t it?


3 thoughts on “God Loves You…

  1. just saw this older post…made me smile. I know that’s not what it’s probably supposed to do but that’s where I’m at. How are you doing lately?

  2. Hey Marcy,

    I think that’s the futility to which the created order is bound, groaning, until the revelation of the sons of God (if I’ve got that right) spoken of by Paul somewhere in Romans. Seems most clear in that Penguin movie so popular a few years ago.

    Sorry to butt in

  3. That’s really funny — and scarily touches on some of the issues I have trusting God. I was remembering a song the other day that also gets at those issues. The first verse:

    Sometimes I wonder where spiders and crickets and beetles and mantises go, when summer has gone and the winter has come and the ground wears a blanket of snow — oh, they’ve gone where God has told them, for they follow after his will, and when spring does abound we still find them around for God has kept them well, and we know if our God loves little bugs, he will love a man even more, and he’ll give us a home where no little bugs roam if we put all our trust in our Lord.

    Most bugs die within a season — it’s their offspring that we see in the spring. So maybe God’s will is to kill them off once they’ve produced another generation for him to destroy, and that’s what he means by keeping them well and loving them. Hmmm.

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