Ten Ideas Changing the World Right Now

Greetings! Read on to hear about one of those ten ideas. But, before you do…

For those wondering where I went (how egocentric to think you wondered!), check out the last post: How Bad Can it Be?  We’ve been oh-so-busy thinking, planning, seeing contractors, going to kitchen stores, picking out floors, cabinets, etc.toilet2

We actually have a tile floor in our bathroom now with a new super-flush toilet. But the kitchen is still a disaster area, more so now that my husband started to tear down the soffit so we can get new higher kitchen cabinets (why fix only the floor and ceiling when you can go the whole way??).

And we had a marvelous visit by a missionary last week, staying with us jesus-film-projectduring our church’s missionary conference. We needed to be encouraged by hearing his stories of how – through the Jesus Film and the International School Project – God is changing lives in amazing ways.

Ok, so today I got my TIME magazine. I’ve been reading it since I was a kid and have had a subscription for 32 years. Seriously.time-cover

The title of this Annual Special Issue: Ten Ideas Changing the World Right Now.

As I skimmed across the articles that discussed these ten ideas, I came upon this one: The New Calvinism.


Hey, after 30 years, I’m a new Calvinist!

reading-glassesI went upstairs to get my glasses to read the article better (not-so-new eyes…).

Among other things, the article  mentioned John Piper who’s books have had a major impact on my life.

I’m glad to know that TIME thinks that a high view of God is changing the world.

That leads me to another topic.

A while back, I met with a friend of mine, a Christian psychologist who I knew wouldn’t give me a litany of things to do to fix my situation (horrible job, few jobs out there, out-of-work husband, not to mention the sprained ankle, damaged roof and destroyed kitchen!), but who would instead help me discover what God was up to in my life through the pain and frustration.

Net, net:god-adam-touch

He (and I) observed that while I am very cognizant of, amazed at, comforted by, and worship the transcendent, sovereign, wise, mysterious,  immutable, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipowerful God…

I am not so intimate with the man who went to the cross.

In fact, I may have a block in me that fears deep intimacy with that man, or any other man, for that matter.

womanMoreover, I may have a block that keeps me from becoming all a woman of God is called to be. It’s easier for me to be a tomboy Christian, I do believe. I’d rather be the initiator than the recipient. Waiting on someone else scares me.

It really doesn’t matter why I am that way (though we explored the source of my fear a bit).

And I really can’t fake it, try and be more intimate with God, try and put on some version of femininity (and let me state categorically that what the evangelical church often seems to define as male and female seem to me to be extreme, unBiblical caricatures –  see instead Deborah, Priscilla, and the women who supported the disciples out of their own means, for example…)

Excuse the digression.u-turn

Anyway, this requires a pretty deep change in me.

This requires repentance.

That’s a good Calvinist word, don’t you think? Repentance.

I’ve got to repent of some deep-seated, currently unknown to me, sin that prevents me in some way from drawing close to Jesus, drawing close to my husband, and becoming the female God created me to be.

It’s a stronghold, a wall only God can tear down.

So I’ve been praying that He bring me to repentance. And I wait.

poster-childrenAfter sharing much of this discussion with my husband, he later volunteered that he wondered if  maybe one day we will become poster children for having respectively embraced our masculinity and femininity in Christ and discovered a new intimacy with Jesus and with each other.

Wow. That’s a nice vision to hold on to.

Especially in times like these.

Dear Lord:  Thank you for the new Calvinism (whatever). And thank you for my friend’s insights, as he would say, given by You. Change me, please. Especially help me find that intimacy with you that I think I really need right now…and forever. Amen.


One thought on “Ten Ideas Changing the World Right Now

  1. A superflush toilet? I’ve seen your husband’s butt (clothed) and you need one of those.

    God’s best to you on the new journey of intimacy. Sort of reminds of the old Troggs song “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, Love is around me, it’s everywhere I go”

    Have a peace filled week.

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