I Hit the Wall Tonight

wallI won’t tell you why.  I mean, even an anonymous blog has a limit to how many gory details it’s prudent to share.

But I’ll say this much: I rarely,  if ever,  get to the point where I say “Jesus, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. Help me.”

Something tells me that’s a good prayer to pray. Duh.

Maybe He’s brought these circumstances into my life just so I’ll  pray that prayer. Double duh.

My guess is He does know what to do. secret

I hope He lets me in on the secret soon.

Lord: Give me your guidance, your wisdom, your love, and your peace. Amen


13 thoughts on “I Hit the Wall Tonight

  1. Thanks for the book suggestion. I hit The Wall last week. The wall broke down and brought me straight to the lap of God! Where I cried like a baby in his care. Thank you for sharing your humanness! It’s a comfort!

  2. The sweetest and most honest prayers are those.

    Mine have been, “Yeshua, thank you” (no matter what!) and “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Keep staying honest and don’t worry about what you think He expects you to pray. He already knows the truth anyway. 😉

  3. Are you flummoxed but relatively patient and trusting, or are you panicky or despairing? If the latter two, Lord, help. I mean, Lord help either way, but, panic and despair require more immediate and drastic measures.

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