Prayer, Please?

prayer-w-dogHowdy, blogofriends:

I really do mean to use this space to ruminate, hopefully in such a way that you, dear readers, are revived and/or roused.

But, today, I seek prayer.

I recently reviewed (to some extent) what feels like our difficult circumstances in my post “The Job, The Interview, and the Cross.”

Well, my husband is interviewing for a job on Thursday and Frida19-job-interview1y. We could sure use your prayers that he doesn’t fold under stress, but, instead, bonds with the believers he meets at this church.

I really, really want this interview to go well. I am really attracted to the church. And I really, really want my husband to have a job again.


concentration-2Could you also pray for me that I have focus at work? I am having a very hard time keeping motivated, partly because I want to leave so badly, and partly because I am so discouraged there.  But until I know it is time to go, I need to keep giving it my all.

Thanks so much for your concern and prayers.

Lord: Thanks for cyber friends and cyber prayers. Amen


6 thoughts on “Prayer, Please?

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  2. I’ve prayed for you and your Husband,may God lift your Spirit and give you peace on your job until it’s time to move.Peace all day & night. Love you Both.

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