A Moment of Grace

I had one of those moments recently, a few words that encouraged me greatly.

Within 13 hours of returning home from our holiday at sea (literally: a cruise), I was on my way to spend three days trying to sell my company’s product at a trade show.

For me, sort of like taking needles to my eyes.

I am not a salesperson, but in a company as small as ours, I am forced to play the part.

It actually turned out to be rather fun. I got to spend my evenings with an old friend, enjoying her fellowship. And the folks at the exhibit hall were much more interesting than the typical trade show fare. While I sold, I actually made some friends.

One of those friends sat two booths down. During the course of our conversations, I mentioned my husband’s lack of job and poor health (diabetes, previous 4-way bypass).

At the end of the show, he came over and said to me: “There’s something about you that I’ve noticed and I couldn’t put my finger on it til now. You’ve been through so much, but you seem to handle it well. The word that came to mind: grace.”

Well, folks, I assure you, I don’t handle it so well. Not at all.

But at that monent, it was I who experienced grace. Tears sprang to my eyes and I responded: “It’s the grace of Jesus.  Our troubles remind me of the book of Job, where the difficulties helped him grow closer to God.”

“Yes,” he said. “If they don’t break you, they strenghten you.”

And I thanked him, saying: “I always pray that people will see something different in my life that will point them to Jesus.  If I’ve done anything well, it’s because of Jesus’ presence and work in my life. Thank you for your encouragement.”

“Well,” he said, “I hope everything works out.”

“It will absolutely work out… in the end, when this life is over!” I said. (see my post: Longing for the End)

“I hope things get better before then!” he concluded.

What a grace-filled moment for me. It made the entire 3 days of standing on my feet and schmoozing worth it.

Whether I close any sales or not.

Dear Lord: Thanks for your touch of grace, for reminding me that You really are there and really have made a difference in my life, a difference that once in a while shows. Amen.


2 thoughts on “A Moment of Grace

  1. Welcome back.

    It’s little moments of confirmation like this that just make me want to praise God even more; not so much for the personal acknowledgment but rather like getting a pat on the head from the Father. 🙂

    Grace and peace be with you.

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