Taking a Hiatus

Greetings, any wanderers who stop by these parts.  I haven’t written or even visited my blog or Wordpress for 2 weeks.  Haven’t even checked the stats!!

I do have two more “doubt” installments I’d like to share, but something has come up that pretty much stopped me in my tracks.

Panic attacks.

I am not sure what’s going on with me. First I was depressed. Then I entered the season of doubt. Then the panic set in. As you can tell if you’ve read my doubt or crap installments, life hasn’t  been easy for us.

But who’s it easy for, anyway?

And work is extremely stressful for me. For several reasons, I feel between a rock and a hard place there, not sure how to escape.

And then there’s just plain life: two kids, two dogs, spouse, and To Do lists that pile up to render me catatonic. I’d rather read a book (Three Cups of Tea was great, by the way – ready to pack my bags and head for the hinterlands).

Well, you get the point.

When I came up for air at work this week (after two trips out of town and a major project), I scheduled a family trip away to a beautiful place in the mountains: Blowing Rock, NC.

Maybe when we return next week I’ll feel like I can take the time to blog.

Meanwhile, any prayers are much appreciated.

Aslan is always on the move at times like this.

It’s just plain rough to wait for the season to end and the fruit to be borne.

Longing for that Holiday.



6 thoughts on “Taking a Hiatus

  1. Just read this in Calvin’s letters:

    I pray the Lord to keep you in His holy protection, and so to direct you that you may not go astray in that slippery path whereon you are, until He shall have manifested to you His complete deliverance.

  2. yes, my experience with them was not pleasant. thankfully it has been quite some time.
    A new season shall arrive … we’ll offer prayers.

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  4. I hate panic attacks. I hope you get through those as smoothly as possible, and that meanwhile some good fruitful work goes on to face and address the doubt and depression bits, without the hopelessness parts taking over.

  5. “L”, no wanderers just one midnight lurker of blogs. 🙂

    Happy to hear from you, and looking forward to you getting that holiday you speak of. In the meantime, between the hustle and bustle of life, don’t forget to keep the important stuff priority and the urgent secondary.

    Grace and peace be with you.

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