Sad About Miley Cyrus

Among my most visited posts were two I wrote about taking my daughter to the Hannah Montana concert:  Spiritual Formation & Hannah Montana and Post-Hannah Montana Concert Observations.

As I was leaving on a business trip the other day, I heard a soundbite on the Today show about some pictures Miley posed in for Vanity Fair magazine. A couple of days later, I saw the pix and read the article, plus saw some other Miley photos posted online.

In the Vanity Fair picture, Miley is posed with a bare back and only a sheet up top. In one of the other pictures online, she is pulling her shirt down to expose her bra. In others, she is laying on the couch with a boy.  If this is what happens before the world, what happens behind closed doors? NOTE: Subsequent articles have suggested that this is not Miley, but a look-alike. That makes me feel better, because in my mind these pictures were worse than the Vanity Fair one. Note again: No, it was Miley. Ick.

In the article, Miley also claims that “Sex in the City” is her favorite TV show. Isn’t this the TV show that features a different girl in bed with a different guy each week? Isn’t Miley 15 years old? NOTE: I’ve recently read that she watches a cleaned-up version on regular cable…


I had to tell my daughter who idolizes Miley that these pix (she saw the Vanity Fair one) were not (in my opinion) appropriate for a 15 year old Jesus-lover.  (In one of my posts I wrote how Miley in her concert program twice mentions the Bible, plus I have heard her talk elsewhere of her faith). 

I couldn’t figure out how to tell my 9-year old daughter the reason I felt the photos weren’t ok: that Miley’s provocative poses were inappropriate for a virgin, that they seemed in some way to degrade her femininity.

I did tell my daughter that I was sad for her. I had previously felt ok supporting her Miley addiction because I thought Miley was a good role model, someone who claimed to be a Christian, and acted appropriately. I am not as sure now about encouraging her to adore MIley.

Oh, well.

Frankly, I am rather angry at her parents. Shouldn’t they – who also claim to be believers – have taught her better? Have protected her soul from this temptation and her heart from this humiliation? Maybe I should be angry at her grandmother if she was indeed at the photo shoot (apparently the parents had left when the racy – called “artsy” – picture was taken). Not racy if you are 25, but certainly not ok for a 15 year old, In My Humble Opinion.

I know, it’s none of my business and I don’t know the details.

But, anyway, I am sad.

I am sad for Miley that she may be moving in a dangerous direction. Her Disney predecessors sure don’t give me much reason to be encouraged. I worry that her soul may be torn away from loving Jesus, the only real treasure.

I am slightly hopeful that maybe the public outcry will help Miley seek Jesus in all this.

At least I hope so.

Dear Lord: Please help Miley and her family seek you in all this. If necessary, help them to repent. Help them to realize how many Christians were crossing their fingers that here was a secular star that they could encourage their daughters to emulate. But, Lord, don’t let them change for PR purposes, but to reflect Your glory and Your high esteem of Miley as a woman. Please, Lord. Amen


5 thoughts on “Sad About Miley Cyrus

  1. I don’t have kids, but the whole situation was awkward. I hope that, as some say, it’s not a publicity stunt encouraged by her parents to help move her into a different audience.

  2. Stuff like this makes me feel grateful we don’t have a TV.

    Longing: We don’t have cable, but my daughter watches Hannah Montana online via Disney’s www site. And I saw the pix online. Who needs a TV when you have DSL?

  3. I think it was Good Morning America that I saw this story on. The people on the show were talking about it, and basically wondering where her parents were in the whole situation. They basically asked questions like, “how could a 15 year old do this?” And “isn’t she too young? Where did she learn this?”

    Of course the story right before the Cyrus story was about “sexy salsa dancing.” Apparently no one noticed the irony.

    Longing: The story seems to get better as I’ve read more (see my notes above), but I agree, her parents should have been smarter about all this…

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