Doggie Do-Over (Phunny Photos)

Scarlet (reddish) and Coco (brownish) got haircuts yesterday.  Top pix are before. Bottom are after.

My sister and family tell me the before pix look like mug shots (they also said poor Coco looks like a hedgehog) and the after pix, as if the dogs have had a little too much to drink.

Tell me what YOU think!

P.S. I’m posting this, in part, for my kids to see, since they are at Grandma’s for spring break.





3 thoughts on “Doggie Do-Over (Phunny Photos)

  1. Scarlett DOES have a definite lean.
    I had a friend who had a husky mix who had to be shaved (except for her head) for a skin condition. i can’t tell you how funny that husky head on a hairless body looked. I kept remarking on it until my friend pointed out that I was embarrassing the dog and adding to her discomfort. So don’t show the dogs your posts and comments.

    Longing: My dogs have amazing self-esteem. Maybe it’s the drinking.

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