Is Corduroy for Real??

Five year old theology:

Daughter: Mom: Do you know that Corduroy is a made up book? Teddy bears don’t come alive.

Me: Yes, some books are made up stories. But what do you think about the Bible? It says that Jesus rose from the dead. I mean, that’s pretty weird.

Daughter: But that’s true.

Me: How do you know?

Daughter: Well, Jesus made everything.  A long time ago.  Like in the 70s or 80s.


Speaking of the afterlife (sort of), click here to read  What’s Heaven to Me?


2 thoughts on “Is Corduroy for Real??

  1. I vividly remember what an 8-track cartridge looked like. The the 60’s and 70’s seem like yesterday to me.

    The 80’s though, the big hair and all that… now, that’s ancient times.

    What a cutie she is, btw.

    Longing: Yes, we are blessed!!

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