Is There a Reason for God?

Apparently so.  And a book was released yesterday that discusses the subject. It’s now #31 on Amazon’s list of bestsellers.

Oddly enough, the book is called “The Reason for God.”

Check out its website:

I am often totally annoyed about much of what passes for Christianity these days. What I hear many alleged Christian leaders say is not appealing to most skeptics, really not very thoughtful, and often downright unBiblical.

I know these will not be the case with any book by Tim Keller (the author).

If you get the book (my husband ordered mine months ago from Amazon, so the book’s in the mail), let me know what you think.

Oh, and check out my last blog: Blog Slacker. Only one person did and it’s lonely…

P.S. Any of you grammar addicts know if I should have capitalized There in the title or not??


3 thoughts on “Is There a Reason for God?

  1. I’m here! ( ( read everything you write) just don’t always know what to say…Work still good?
    remember we bantered slightly about the house church thing…well, we don’t “market it” (ie. this meeting is not as much for evangelism as it is building up the saints so they can in turn do the work of the ministry..I”m just quoting a verse for now rather than take the time to rephrase it… small groups/ caregroups/ life groups/ what ever you want to call them groups, can have different focus’s ..ours is specfically centered around that passage in Ephesians…one of the couples in our group lost their 31 yr old son a couple of years ago to a staph/ strep? that got into his blood..went from healthy to gone within a week..left behind a wife and 3 daughters…kind of reminded me of Keith Green…on fire/ sudden departure. Anyway, it devastated his parents, especially his mom…so in large measure the past couple of years have been staying along side them helping them try to find a new “normal”..the stuff we’ve talked about w/ them would not fit into your traditional church schedule/ I’ve felt God impress upon me, that for this season, this should be the priority of our house Church…anyway, got a not yesterday from someone asking if they could come to visit tomorrow to church…w/ another possible guest….so maybe a change is in the never know.
    well, time for my morning coffee…..greet your husband for me!

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