Blog Slacker

I’ve been overwhelmed with work. And kids. (Can’t forget the dogs, too). Then I was out of town last week. Excuses, excuses, excuses. But the sad fact is: I have become a blog slacker. 

In my slacker mode, I dig up a comment I left and then post it as a full-blown blog. How sad is that?

Then Treyka tells me I have to blog about myself. So I do: see The Magnificent Seven (LOL). How easy is that?My diminishing blog output reminds me of when I first went online, over 13 years ago. That’s 91 dog years or 32.5 internet years ago.

You remember? When AOL and Prodigy were the faux internets?

When chatting was a big deal?

This is a true story of what I did at my parties way back then: my friends and I would huddle around my PC with one person typing and everyone else dictating as we chatted with some unknown figure online.

It was the most exciting thing since we talked on the party line as kids (during the busy signal). Remember THAT!? But after a while, the novelty wore off and I stopped going to chat rooms.

Well, in like fashion, I blogged up a storm through December and January. Now, sigh, it’s tapering off. I am a blog slacker. I have blog inertia.

What does this have to do with my spiritual formation (the alleged theme of this blog), you ask?

Not a danged thing. But, it was a nice diversion, wasn’t it?

Sometimes you have to take a break.

Hope you had a nice one!

See you next blog… whenever.


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