A Miracle Update

I got tired of looking at that last whiny post of mine (Trying to Get Over a Hurt ).  Things actually turned out really well. I added a comment to that post  about the little miracle that happened afterwards, but since you may not read the comments (and I have no time to think up a better blog…), I’ll repeat what I wrote here:

 Several times this weekend, my husband and I prayed that this person would be convicted and apologize. My experience in the past is that others often can’t see their stuff, and if they don’t, you simply have to adjust and prepare yourself… and keep that hula hoop close (thanks for that illustration, Tracie! see her comment after Trying to Get Over a Hurt ).  If that were the case, it would be a real drag for me to operate under those conditions.

Here’s the miracle: the person who attacked me came up to me first thing this morning and apologized! Said that there were a number of other issues below the surface that I unfairly got the brunt of. Yea, God! I felt so relieved that I’ve been in a great mood all day.

Thanks for YOUR prayers!

That’s the comment I posted. It’s been over a week now and I’ve learned alot about the other person’s stuff.  It helps so much  to see the hurts in the other person that motivate what comes out of his or her mouth. When I stop to do that, I don’t have to take what’s said to me so personally and, instead, I can learn how to better serve the other person (as in Philippians 2:4).

Thank You, God, for Your lessons and Your wisdom.  And for praying friends.  Amen.


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