Sinning as I Post (and a Note for Those Among Us Who Are Divorced)

Yesterday, I put up a post about divorce and the purpose of marriage (How Not to Divorce (some thoughts from a Christian perspective)). I think what I said was accurate and some friends (God bless those kind folks) left nice comments.

But I screwed up.

First, I have this idea that no one will read too long a post. Or at least, MY too-long posts. I have to keep them short enough or some folks will snooze, fall over on their keyboards, and when they wake up, they’ll have filled the screen with cccccccccccccccccs. This really happened to a writer once, I heard.

The post I wrote was really long, so I had to edit it. And I edited out all the humor, all the attempts at sarcasm, all the witty asides. I was in such a hurry to publish it (because I hadn’t yet taken down the Christmas stuff and I should have been with the kids… see my New Year’s Resolutions: Time to Write Another Blog and New Year’s Resolutions), that I didn’t re-read it to see how utterly factual and devoid of fun it was. Fact, hardly a lick of funny in it. Please forgive.

OK. That doesn’t sound so sinful. But how about when I couldn’t get the stupid WordPress editor to work right and couldn’t get the fonts to match so that when my beautiful five year old wanted my attention, I told her “STOP INTERRUPTING MOMMY.” Sinning yet?

My husband and I subsequently had a discussion about the idolatry of blogging…

There’s more. Really. When I re-read the post, it seemed smug, arrogant, etc. And later, when I read a comment someone left, I was even more mortified about the contents. So, I wrote my own comment as a sort of addendum to the blog:

It occurs to me that those who have been divorced may find this post to be arrogant or naive. I hope not! I know that in so many cases only one person is willing to undergo the trials of rock polishing. It takes two to make a marriage work. And there are many cases where the best intentions aren’t enough.

Also, many, many friends have been through the pain of divorce. And there’s something magical about how God can turn that pain (like the pain of being married — LOL!) into beauty, how He can draw us to Himself through these circumstances as well. Please forgive if my blog seems to have overlooked this fact.

And I am probably now sinning as I attempt to clean up my mess and make NO ENEMIES. Really, I am a people pleaser at heart.Well, I will stop now before I sin again.

Oh, Lord. I am glad you have a sense of humor! And that you aren’t at all surprised by my sin.  Help me to take that sin both less and more seriously. Amen.


11 thoughts on “Sinning as I Post (and a Note for Those Among Us Who Are Divorced)

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  3. I just read the divorce post and discovered I had already read it – and was the first to comment on it. I think it’s a great piece. You have nothing to apologize for (except, perhaps, for apologizing).

  4. See, that’s why I love your blog! You’re so honest, and you remind me of my own backpedaling and overthinking and ridiculous re-assessing (I hope I didn’t just offend you). I just think you’re a great blogger because of that.

    And I hope that won’t make you prideful and cause you to sin. Which it might do me if someone said it to me. Because that’s how I am, which makes me wonder if that’s how you are. [Tracie’s attempt to compliment crashes and burns, resulting in insults and tears …]

  5. I didn’t take your previous post as smug and arrogant. But I’m neither married nor divorced, so what do I know?! 😉

    Any time you write (or talk) about a subject where people have strong emotions, like divorce, you’re walking into a potential minefield. That’s why it’s so important to build community with one another. When you share your life (and theirs) people are a lot more likely to extend you grace.

    Because lets face it, we could all use more of that!

  6. Hi! You posted a comment on my blog last night. I couldn’t find an email for you so I figured I would just post a comment on yours. I wanted to say thanks for pointing me towards I was not familiar with the organization, but enjoyed reading on their website. Additionally, I just started blogging and you left the first comment on the site and I wanted to congratulate you:). Thanks for stopping by.

  7. “Sinning as I post?” LOLOL

    Well, here I am… sinning as I comment!

    Seriously, I appreciate your conviction very much. The reason I read your blog is because I admire your zeal towards God’s Word.

    Please continue to share your own convictions regardless of what others (mine) may be like. It is very much appreciated. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the explanation. I too come from the camp of “Long Winded Bloggers”. : )

    As for apologizing because you thought you might have offended someone… one sec, I’m checking my 3rd Edition of The Sin Manual…..

    Ooooh!!!!, Yea, says here in the manual; that you’ll need to go to a.m and p.m services this week (tithe at both!), be extra nice to animals for 60 days, feed the hungry until August, & say an extra prayer of repentance (3X a day for 7 weeks) for looking down on the grimy old guy while you we’re making your way into Wal-Mart yesterday.

    Grace and peace be with you

    LOLOLOLOL. Did you forget sitting through three episodes of “Hannah Montana?

  9. I hope that it was not my comment alone alone that caused you to feel the need to clean up your mess. However, I feel that your addendum is very appropriate and TRUE.

    No, it wasn’t your comment, but another friend’s gentle reminder! You are a great encouragement. Must be your gift!

  10. Lorraine,

    You are so funny… I love that about your writing. I LOL starting at the title. But I think your heart is evident; that you care and strive to please the Lord and so in turn you care and strive to show His love and truth to others. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I just thought I’d tell you that but again, thanks for being so honest and at the same time so funny! God’s blessings! ~Jen

    Thanks! By the way, I am too hard on myself in a bad way. That’s what I meant by praying not to take my sin too seriously. Even though I probably don’t take it seriously in the right way, by seeing it less as a mistake that embarrases (sp?) me and more like the act of treason it is!

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