Spiritual Formation & Hannah Montana

Tomorrow is a momentous occasion for our family. I am taking our nine year old daughter (yes, the one with the sneer, above) to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert.

And I am driving 3 hours to do this. Why, you ask?

Because I am a BAD MOTHER. I neglected to get tickets for the concert in our home town. By the time I “heard” (i.e., “listened to”) my daughter begging for tickets, those notorious scalpers were selling them for $250 and up online.

So I got to work.  Found the most convenient concert venue near our home town. Had my daughter join the Miley Cyrus Fan Club. Showed my husband (who is Mr. Mom right now) how to order the pre-sale Fan Club tickets online. At 11 AM on the dot, he ordered those tickets.

When I got home from work, he showed me the tickets. They were in the nose-bleed section. Wait a minute? Am I the only one who can do anything right around here? (I hear you wives murmuring, “Right on” and you husbands moaning, “Are they all this way?”)

I called the Arena. Seems the Fan Club only gets 5000 tickets (sold out in how many minutes??) and that I might get a better seat on Saturday when regular tickets go on sale. I was primed and at my computer minutes early. At 10 AM, I hit the button and got my tickets!

 Located in the exact same section.

Only higher up.

I tried agan. But the next time, all the tickets were sold out. In less than 5 minutes.

Scalpers. In league with the devil.

All of a sudden, my husband was a hero. We had tickets. And they were good.

So, tomorrow we leave. My daughter has no idea. When I told her I was “working on” her Christmas present, she figured I was making her something. She thought it was a web site.

What does this have to do with Spiritual Formation? Heck if I know.

Actually, I have thought alot about how enamored my daughter is of both Miley Cyrus (“Can we move to Malibu, Mom?”) and High School Musical. We have prayed for years that she and her sister fall in love with Jesus more than anything, that He touch their hearts with longing for Him, to know Him, to follow Him.

And she longs for CDs and DVDs, not to mention PS-2 games.

The good news is that she likes the Narnia movies, too.  Listened to the books on tapes. And if they ever make The Hobbit movie, she’ll be there.

When she was baptised on a New York City stage (that’s another story), the minute the water touched her head, a shiver ran down my spine. I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me “She’s mine.”

Oh, I long for more evidence.

In the meantime, we will have an amazing trip. I cannot wait to see her face when she sees the Marquee and realizes what this trip is all about.

Lord, have her face light up in love for you one day. Soon. Amen

PS. To find out how the surprise went, see Post-Hannah Montana Concert Observations


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