Today’s Annoyance

Actually, this was yesterday’s annoyance. And I have been annoyed by this before yesterday. Alot.

Here it is.

I am tired of hearing people say that the worst people to do business with are professed Christians.  I am tired of learning once more that someone has seen this ugly underbelly of the Christian faith. 

 In fact, I have seen it too. I have observed those who claim to follow Christ place money above people, play fast and loose with ethics, and fail to follow through with promises. In short, they don’t walk the talk.

I know. I know. I shouldn’t keep saying “they.” (click on my Arrogance entry)  But it does sometimes seem like there’s a  smaller “we” (and I know many folks who do walk their talks) and a larger “they.”

I don’t get it. How can you claim to be a Jesus follower, a Christ-man (or woman), and not be concerned about working with integrity? (By the same token, how can you be a Jesus follower and think He promises worldly success when He explicitly says we are to suffer along with Him?)

To be blunt: this bugs the crap out of me.

What a shadow this kind of behavior casts on the name of Christ.

Then I remember — sigh — that when I point one finger at another, three fingers point back to me (that would be all of them but the index finger).

I guess (know?) I am guilty of hypocrisy, the depth of which I am hardly aware.

Lord, help me forget those I can’t do anything about. Help ME to walk my talk. Show me where I need to work with more integrity. So that others may wonder, “What kind of good God does she serve?” Amen.


One thought on “Today’s Annoyance

  1. This is the main difference between Chritianity and other religions-we don’t earn our way. This doesn’t give us an excuse to sin but we do know that we can’t be looked to. We need to always make sure people know who they do need to look to. If people were to always look at me for godliness I know I would fail miseribly! I know it’s hard.
    Many Blessing,

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