Stressed Out

I am stressed out right now. Here’s what I do when I am stressed: play Spider Solitaire — the four deck version. It’s no fun unless I’m really challenged, so it’s always four decks.  Of course, how challenging can solitare be? I think there’ something really soothing about mindlessly moving ecards around the eboard. 

When my kids come up the stairs, I sometimes lock the door. This allows me to complete my little addiction in private.

Do I feel guilty playing Spider Solitaire when the kids are home? Yes. Do I feel guilty playing Spider Solitaire when there are other things to do? Yes. Do I think my time would be better spent in the Bible? Certainly so.

So, why do I keep playing Spider Solitaire? It soothes me.

But the fact, is, I need to spend more time in the Bible. I need to get other things done. I need to focus on my kids more than a game.

 I start that new job on Monday. I tell myself that I am one of those people who gets more done when I have more to do. I am hoping that will be the case when I go from working a 30-hour to a 40-hour week.  I hope that those 10 hours of work will replace 10 hours of TV and Spider Solitaire. Mostly, I hope I end up spending more time in the Word, with the kids, and getting things done.

Oh, yes. I forgot. I need to get to the gym, too. AUGH! 

Check back in a few months.


One thought on “Stressed Out

  1. One of the things I often overlook is that I need rest. I’m not a “rester” by nature, I like to be doing things. But you can only keep that pace up for so long. You can only push so much until you break.

    Fortunately God approves of rest. No only that, but he’s designed us, and the world to require time off! The seasons. Crop Rotation. The Sabbath. All of those are scheduled rest.

    Once we come out of that time of rest we are recharged and ready to go. Spring brings new life. Fields are more plentiful. And we are more centered on God.

    We all need time to breathe!

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