My New Job

I told someone in my office I had a new job. She was very encouraging. She said, “If you visualize it; it happens.”  I emailed many supportive friends about the new job. One responded: “It’s great when God comes through.” My current boss, kindly enthusiastic about my new opportunity, told me today that “If you imagine it; it will happen.” Something along those lines.

 But I don’t see it those ways. Yes, it’s true that six months ago I had a strong impression that God was leading me into a job of greater responsibilty, one that would be quite a leap from what my resume said I could do. I had some specific things in mind. I imagined it. I visualized it — not to make it happen, but because the impression was so strong, an impression that I believed came from God. I even emailed many friends a few months ago to keep an eye open for such a job for me.

Then it came to me. Out of the blue. The guys who put my name in for the job had NO IDEA that it fit my exact specification. And I accepted the offer a few days ago, obviously God’s leading.

 But I don’t think the  job came because I imagined or visualized it. My strong impression was God’s way to make sure I knew this was His leading… He gave me a sort of a sign that said: “This is what I want you to do next.” A sign that let me know I had arrived at His leading.

 And I don’t think that “God came through.” At least He didn’t come through by giving me a great job. Yes, it’s an amazing answer to prayer and an amazing opportunity. But God didn’t all of  a sudden “deliver.”

In fact, He always comes through. He always delivers. Sometimes He comes through with circumstances like my husband’s poor health and lack of job (even now). Sometimes He delivers with rejection, pain, disappointment.  But whether easy or hard, the circumstances He delivers are just the package that holds within the real blessing.

And the real blessing is this: Himself, increasing intimacy with the Creator. He will use whatever it takes — good times and bad — to show me my sin, to help me turn from sin to Him, to grow in intimacy with Him.

Sure, He delivered. He delivered His Son to the Cross.  He visualized it. He imagined it. And He did it.  ‘Cause what He cares most for is not to give me a dream job, but to give me Himself. And He died to make that happen.

 That’s something for which I can rejoice.


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