I Am Arrogant (yuck)

As I drove along, I felt that sting of conviction. I realized how arrogant my very first post (My New Job) sounded. And was.

I took the attitude of the all-knowing looking down on the not-so-knowing. Ick. The truth is, apart from the eye-opening grace of the Holy Spirit, we are all blind. We don’t realize that all things come from His hand alone, not our imaginings. We don’t realize that He is not a cosmic Santa Claus; he’s not here to give us what we visualize. We don’t realize that the gift of Himself (via repentance) is far greater than the gift of nice cirumstances.

 I wrote like I wasn’t blind. But I am. Just in different ways. Oh, Lord, forgive my arrogance. Show me how I am blind. And give me sight. Amen


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